Why Participate?

Why should employers participate?

The people you hire are the biggest asset to your company. Hiring the wrong person can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention a hit to your productivity and morale. The best time to look for the next right person to join your team is before you need them. Workforce Weekend aims to help you do just that. There’s no obligation to interview (or hire!) anyone who isn’t a good fit for your company. Your only investment is your time, and the reward is a widened pool of qualified applicants and the potential of finding the perfect new member for your team.

“You always want to consider the “able to” and “want to” attributes of job candidates. Of the two, you can often train for ‘able to;’ you rarely can train for ‘want to.’ I’m impressed with what I’ve seen of the tools and processes the team at Workforce Weekend is using to uncover candidates who really want to do the work.” — Michael Kraft, Senior Project Manager, Sequoia Personnel Services

“Workforce Weekend will help employers to think strategically about current and future workforce needs. It establishes a new channel for sourcing great candidates and brings local employers together to think about our community’s talent in new ways!” — Jolene Thrash, MPSPHR , Director of Human Services, Humboldt Senior Resource Center

Why should job-seekers participate?

Finding the right job for you can be daunting, especially in a rural community like Humboldt County. Workforce Weekend offers you a direct connection to ideal employers and an opportunity to share who you are and what you have to offer right off the bat. You don’t have to worry about a less than impressive resume—our Aptitude Application focuses on questions around values, work preferences, and goals, not on your skills or years of experience.