CIty of Eureka

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Type of Work
Administrative: Includes all work within an office environment that supports operations or management; Positions can include receptionist, bookkeeping, data entry, data analysis, finance, HR reporting and more.
Customer Service/Sales: Includes work where the employee interacts directly with the customer
Labor: Includes work with hands including manufacturing and trade labor
Management: Supervisorial and department head positions
Operations: Positions that support the operations of a business – Handling the business of location, labor, equipment, process
Marketing, Graphics, Design and other Creative Positions: Positions that create materials to promote a business, product or idea
Public Relations, Outreach, Communications: Positions that help create messages to communicate about a business
Tech support/IT: Positions that support the computer systems and technical machinery in a business
Other: Any job that does not fit in any of the above categories.
Work Availability
Full Time
Part Time

Our Organization: The City of Eureka strives to provide effective municipal services in a personal, responsive manner and in partnership with the community while being financially responsible. The City of Eureka employs approximately 200 full-time employees and over a hundred part-time/temporary employees. There are nine main departments which include: City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk, Community Services, Development Services, Finance, Human Resources, Police, and Public Works. We have a variety of career types within these
departments from Account to Water Quality Technician to Engineer, the city holds nearly two-hundred job classifications.

Our Work Culture: Working for the City of Eureka can help those to have pride for the City in which they live or frequent. Working for the City can give employees a means by which they can have a direct impact on things like City policy, development, beautification, or community involvement. The City of Eureka also offers stable and reliable work that can include excellent benefits such as CalPERS retirement, health insurance, paid holidays, and vacation among many others.