City of Arcata

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Type of Work
Administrative: Includes all work within an office environment that supports operations or management; Positions can include receptionist, bookkeeping, data entry, data analysis, finance, HR reporting and more.
Customer Service/Sales: Includes work where the employee interacts directly with the customer
Labor: Includes work with hands including manufacturing and trade labor
Management: Supervisorial and department head positions
Operations: Positions that support the operations of a business – Handling the business of location, labor, equipment, process
Marketing, Graphics, Design and other Creative Positions: Positions that create materials to promote a business, product or idea
Public Relations, Outreach, Communications: Positions that help create messages to communicate about a business
Tech support/IT: Positions that support the computer systems and technical machinery in a business
Other: Any job that does not fit in any of the above categories.
Work Availability
Full Time
Independent Contractor
Part Time

Our Company: We are a local government municipality and we provide services to the residents of Arcata ranging from recreational activities to small business incubators and everything in between.  We employ roughly 180 full-time employees and on a seasonal basis we hire about the same number of part-time staff.  Our positions range from highly specialized positions to entry level positions.  The City became incorporated in February of 1858 and we have approximately 16,000  residents.

Our Work Culture: We are a small city and this aspect means this is a workplace where people sometimes wear many different hats to get a job done.  Therefore the opportunity for learning is immense.  We are always looking for new ways to streamline processes and change with the times, so having a diverse workforce encourages this and also helps us meet the needs of the growing community.