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Type of Work
Administrative: Includes all work within an office environment that supports operations or management; Positions can include receptionist, bookkeeping, data entry, data analysis, finance, HR reporting and more.
Customer Service/Sales: Includes work where the employee interacts directly with the customer
Labor: Includes work with hands including manufacturing and trade labor
Management: Supervisorial and department head positions
Operations: Positions that support the operations of a business – Handling the business of location, labor, equipment, process
Work Availability
Full Time
Part Time

Our Company: Established in 1952, but recently renewed to suit the information age.  We do welding and fabrication as well as design centric metal sculpture and decor in Eureka.

Our Work Culture: We are a steady and established workplace with consistency, a down home friends and family vibe, and an employee centered workplace.  We need welders and administrative support.  You can do both?  Golden!!  Have experience in estimating?  Even better.