Allie Illuminates

Allie Illuminates
Type of Work
Administrative: Includes all work within an office environment that supports operations or management; Positions can include receptionist, bookkeeping, data entry, data analysis, finance, HR reporting and more.
Marketing, Graphics, Design and other Creative Positions: Positions that create materials to promote a business, product or idea
Tech support/IT: Positions that support the computer systems and technical machinery in a business
Work Availability
Independent Contractor

Our Company: Allie Illuminates is a marketing agency that takes a holistic approach to help clients connect with their ideal customer. I believe marketing is so much more than just ad campaigns and social media, but everything you do draw customers to or from your business. From creating cohesive strategic marketing plans to developing user-friendly websites, to customer-centric marketing campaigns that work, I love illuminating the essence of Humboldt businesses and helping them thrive.

Our Work Culture: The work we do stands at the intersection of intentionality and practicality. I’m a sole proprieter, but my business is growing exponentially, and I’m looking for the right people to collaborate with me to grow in a wholehearted and sustainable way. Authenticity and curiousity are the foundation for all we do. I’m looking for driven, proactive, creative, and detail-oriented people to join me as subcontractors looking to grow their own freelance business. Web developers, social media experts, graphic design, and administrative coordinators—I’d love to talk with you.