Welcome to Workforce Weekend

Workforce Weekend is a free platform seeking to connect job seekers and businesses in Humboldt County. Think of it as a cross between a personality matching site and a job fair—an online portal that serves as a catalyst for everyone to find their right fit. Applicants are empowered to find an organization that aligns with their personal and professional goals. Over the course of one weekend, employers can discover new talent and team members who will align with their organization’s culture, possibly even before there’s a position vacancy. It all culminates in a weekend of interviews to match businesses and job seekers! 

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Our research has shown there is a disconnect between employers and job seekers.*

What employers say:

“I want to hire locally, but can’t find quality applicants.”

  • Over ½ of Humboldt businesses report difficulty in hiring
  • 65% rely on word-of-mouth to recruit new employees
  • 100% of businesses interviewed were looking to hire in the next two years**

Why employers should participate 

Job seekers say:

“I want to stay in Humboldt but I can’t find quality jobs to apply for.”

  • Over 8/10 of job-seekers want to work in small companies
  • 35% rely on direct referrals for job leads
  • 57% of HSU grads don’t know what jobs are available here

Why job seekers should participate

*Research from  2017 Humboldt County Workforce Development Survey & 2016 HSU Business Gap Survey

**Data from HSU Gap Survey, the current percentage may be slightly different

Workforce Weekend seeks to bridge the gap between what employers need and what applicants are seeking. We all want to engage in meaningful work and to find teams of people who align with our ideals. But in an ever-changing job market, we need to try an out-of-the-box approach to the hiring process. 

Here’s how it works

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